Monthly Archives: October 2014

Hallowe’en Treats

Look how we iced our queen cakes with chocolate icing, Hallowe’en decorations and chocolate chips. Yum! Yum!

Hallowe’en Cats

Be Active ASAP

Big thanks to our parent volunteers for making this club possible! Ms Ní Cheallacháin’s First Class are really enjoying themselves. The aim of the club is to get children active and involved in sport. Be Active ASAP is run entirely by parent volunteers with the help of Ms Ní Cheallacháin. Keep up the good work, everybody!

Life Long Ago

We are learning about life when our grandparents were young. Life was much harder in the olden days!

Friendly Monsters

Percussion Instruments

Big thanks to the parents of First Class pupils for helping to make the most wonderful instruments. We really enjoyed decorating them! However, we had the most fun playing them at our percussion workshop with the amazing Alex Petcu and Claire O’Keeffe!

Mata sa Rang

Every week we spend time doing Mata sa Rang in our small groups. At the moment, we are concentrating on counting forwards and backwards, number ordering and doing lots of activities on the hundred square. We are learning adding strategies by playing different adding games. We are also learning all about ten-frames. We are working really hard!

First Class

Second Class

Oxford Reading Tree

Every week we do group reading with our Oxford Reading Tree books. It is very important that we use our connecting, visualising, prediciting and questioning strategies during reading as these help us understand the book better.

Jolly Phonics

1OYPI8uih2JUQGxg.jpgEach week we learn a new sound from the Jolly Phonics programme.

Recording the Food Dudes

RFzeaQlzrvwTLHS7.jpgToday we started our Food Dudes Wall Chart. We must try to bring fruit and veg to school every day to get a cool prize!