Monthly Archives: September 2015

Games Long Ago

First Class have been learning about games from the past as part of history. We decided to play some old games such as Hopscotch, What Time is it Mr. Wolf, Blindman’s Buff, 1-2-3 Red Light and a few others. Some children had never heard of these games before and had great fun!

GAA Training

First Class had lots of fun with their first Gaelic football matches today with our GAA coach Niall. Lots of stars in the making!!

Shiver Me Timbers!

Second Class dressed up as pirates as part of International Talk Like a Pirate Day! We learned all about famous pirates – such as Blackbeard and Grainne Mhaol. We created arrrh own pirate profiles and made some pirate ships. Enjoy the pictures ye landlubbers… Fairwinds!


Colourful Autumn Leaves



We have been learning all about squirrels in first class. We did some writing about the squirrel and learned about the different things that it likes to eat! Sammy the squirrel even came to visit our class!

Autumn Artwork!

First Class painted some lovely autumn pictures this week!

Science Time

We had great fun doing our first science experiment of the year! Our challenge was to put a tissue in a basin of water and see if it would come out dry…

Guess the Number!

First Class have been practising their number formation on each other! One partner wrote the number on their partner’s back, who then had to guess what the number was!