Monthly Archives: October 2015

Cochlaíonn Dearg

We had lots of fun acting out “Cochlaíonn Dearg” in First Class after learning all about the story as Gaeilge!


Look at our cool skeletons, aren’t they funky?!

Minibeast Hunt

This week we are learning all about minibeasts. We are learning about their characteristics and habitats. On Wednesday we went on a minibeast hunt all around our school grounds and we found lots of minibeasts hiding in our trees, grasses and bushes. We used pooters to collect the minibeasts. We found spiders, woodlice, earwigs and flies. We are great hunters!


First class have started first hurling sessions with Niall. They  are practising how to hold their hurleys and how to swing them! We can’t wait to start some matches soon!

Children of Lir

We read all about the story of The Children of Lir. Here are some freeze frames that we made for drama. See if you can guess which parts of the story we have picked to freeze frame!

Hallowe’en Monsters

We made some spooky dangly monsters for Halloween!


This month, we started tennis and loved it! Here is a recount of how we got on!


Second Class were delighted with the arrival of the signed Munster Rugby Ball thanks to Ian Keatley.