Monthly Archives: November 2015

Fun at the Book Fair!

First Class really enjoyed the book fair and are very excited to get their new books!

Blast Off!

Look at our cool space pictures! We embossed the moon by using coins to make them look like they have real crators!

Science Week!

As part of Science Week, First Class did some exciting experiments and learned about different animals, as well as learning about the weather. We investigated how clouds let rain out. Please read our work to see how we did it!

Wonderful Weather Forecasters!

First Class transformed into weather forecasters today. They told us all about the weather today and informed us about a storm coming! They did some great reporting!

CluichĂ­ Gaeilge

First Class love playing new games with their “Bosca Focal”!


First Class are really enjoying our tennis lessons!

Weather Art!

Hallowe’en Fun

We all dressed up in costumes and had a disco with Mrs Power for Hallowe’en! It was great fun!

Haunted Houses

Baby Ghosts