Monthly Archives: December 2015

Potato Penguins!

We made some lovely penguins using potatoes!! We used the potatoes to print the penguins and added some extra features with more paint and a googly eye!


First Class had great fun measuring the length and width of the yard and front door! We used wool that measured 1 metre and lots of teamwork!

Christmas Snowmen

We used collage materials to make some lovely wobbly snowmen!

Learning about Length

First Class have been learning about length in maths. We used lots of different methods to measure the length and width of different things in our classroom. We used cubes, pencils, books and hand spans! We had lots of fun!


Toys from the Past

We have been discussing and looking at toys in the past and present. We compared them to toys that we own ourselves. Here are some reports about our favourite toys!