Monthly Archives: October 2016

Happy Hallowe’en from First and Second Classes!

Hallowe’en Disco

First Class had a ball dancing at the Hallowe’en Disco with our dance teacher Derek!

Look at our lovely writing!

Games Long Ago

First Class have been learning about games that children liked to play long ago. We decided to play a few games ourselves! Here we are playing conkers!

Playground Fun

We had lots of fun on the playground as a reward for our good behaviour and great listening.

2D Shape Trail

First Class went hunting for 2D shapes on the yard!

The Santa Maria

Second Class are learning about Christopher Columbus. Look at their amazing drawings of the Santa Maria!


Science Time!

Second Class were out and about during the week exploring natural materials on the school grounds.

Building Bridges Signs

Second Class have been practising our Building Bridges signs. We use these whenever we are reading to help us to understand the book better!

Fun during Be Active Week!