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Maths Week

First Class had lots of fun during Maths week! We made patterns, played dice games & made lots of shape buildings.

Hard at Work

We are busy making sums with our dice!

Maths Trail

First Class really enjoyed completing their   maths trail this week!

Constructing Shapes

First Class really enjoyed making 2D and 3D shapes during Maths Week!

Learning about Capacity

We were very busy last week measuring the capacity of different containers.

Maths Trail

Measuring Weight

First Class have been learning about weight. They had lots of fun guessing how many cubes would balance different items. Some of our guesses were very close!

Measuring Metres

First Class were very busy using metre strings to measure our classroom. First we estimated and then we measured with our partners. Afterwards we talked about our results.

2D Shape Trail

First Class went hunting for 2D shapes on the yard!

Hard at Work

First Class have been very busy doing addition during maths class!